Thursday, October 01, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FamilyFun Day?

The answer to this is in three parts:-

Many organisations hold their own Christmas parties and event days, however the family fun day is something a little more special, as the organisations and families don’t need to organise anything, all the food, venue and entertainment are provided for them. So they can just attend the event and enjoy.

The family fun day actually invites special needs organisations and families from all over the region, so its not just one type of group attending, this is fantastic as it gets the kids and families together and they all get to have a great time meeting others in the community that can share similar experiences.

Each year the family fun day is hosted by one specific charity, this gives the charity fantastic community coverage and in addition, as the host, they receive revenue through the activity to utilise back in the community assisting the organisation to provide much needed support and services.

How are the ticket holders (children either with special needs or disadvantaged) selected?

Each year we contact numerous charities, organisations, services and schools in each region the family fun day is held.  We work directly with these organisations to identify families and children that either have special needs or maybe disadvantaged.  We then send tickets to the organisations that in turn provide these to the child's family so they can attend.  Please note that every child attending will have a minimum of one caregiver also attending to ensure they are provided with a safe environment.

If I donate to the Family Fun Day what do I get?

To be honest our main focus is providing a memory to the children with special needs attending so we are not going to be able to provide a donor with much in return however, we do encourage the children to write a letter or draw a picture for us to send on.  In addition for those donating a generous level we will provide a certificate of appreciation to hang in your business.

ALL donors will also receive a Donation Receipt to use in your tax return.

How long have the Family Fun Days been going?

Many of the family fun day programs have been operating for over eight years, with some types of programs running for as long as 11 years.

I have a child that maybe eligible to attend, how do I get tickets?

Please e-mail our ticket issuer at with your name,address,phone number and the size of you family and we will do our best to ensure you get the opportunity to attend the family fun day in your region.

Can I donate Prizes or Gifts?

Absolutely YES!  Its fantastic to see the smiles on the kids faces when they are given something a little bit extra at the parties, often donated products are used as either prizes in the fun competitions that run during the day or just given as a spot prize to that child we know is just that little bit special. Please contact us at if you wish to know how to send your product to the next family fun day in your region.

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